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EGO C Starter Kit

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The Next Generation of Electronic Cigarettes

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Ego C Starter Kit

The Next Generation of Electronic Cigarettes is here!

  1. Cant believe it... Review by Jayne

    Can't believe how easy it has been.

    Feeling good, white teeth and I havn't eaten any more thn usual.

    Telling the world all about you and your products. Thankyou. Jayne x (Posted on 1/27/12)

  2. The 510 Vs The Ego Review by Andy

    I got both the 510-t and ego-t recently. The 510-t I have runs on automatic batteries and the ego-t runs on a manual.

    I like the 510-t a lot, but the battery really doesn't last very long and it can be a chore to suck on it with the automatic battery. The atomizer itself gets dry every so often so every 12 hours or so I just put two drops of e-liquid right on the wick-speary thing. When it gets dry you get that annoying metal taste.

    I got the ego-t a week later. The battery life is really good and the tanks hold a lot of liquid. I've been having a lot of problems with it though. I blew out the primer liquid first, and filled up a tank but there was a lot of that metal taste still. So I primed it with some e-juice as usual but the metal taste came back a few minutes later. So both of my ego-t atties have some major issues getting dry. They're not wicking the juice properly. Not entirely sure why. Even after I prime it I can't seem to draw a whole lot of it. I also have an annoying 'wistleing' problems with it on some tanks. Sounds like a dog whistle when sucking on it.

    Since I had a some annoying problems with the ego-t's atty I took advantage of the joye compatibility. I screwed on my 510-T atty to my ego-T battery. It's a REALLY good combo. I still get the convince of tanks without the forementioned issues. The battery lasts all day so I just have to keep some e-liquid handy for refills and I'm set for the day. I'd be curious to know the problems that I have with my ego, so for now I'm just mix-matching. (Posted on 1/27/12)

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